Friday, February 8, 2008

Why Use Natural Insecticide?

Some say that a natural insecticide cannot, by its nature, be as effective as a synthetic one. Chemical insecticides are used often by large farms. It may seem that the time for the use of natural insecticide is past, yet they are still in use. So, why use a natural insecticide?

First, there is an abundance of plants that can be used for their natural insecticide properties. Over 1500 are presently being used for control of pests. This provides a variety of methods to get rid of unwanted insects. There are many factors that will determine which kind of natural insecticide you will use. Some are more inexpensive. Some are more easily obtained than others. Some are safer to humans and pets. If you decide to use a natural insecticide, you will have many choices.

Most types of natural insecticide are biodegradable. This means that when the substance has served its purpose, it doesn't stick around to cause damage to the environment. It is washed away with the rain. It degrades and becomes a part of the soil with no harmful residue. A natural insecticide is often used when there is concern about a synthetic insecticide that is sold commercially. A synthetic insecticide can contain poisons and toxins that are not found in a natural insecticide. These can be harmful to living things other than the insects they were intended for.

Synthetic chemical insecticides often contain ingredients that kill beneficial insects. These insects may be bees that pollinate fruits and vegetables. They may be ladybugs or butterflies, which are also helpful to have in a garden. A natural insecticide will probably leave beneficial insects safe. One downside of using a natural insecticide is cost. Many that are sold in garden centers are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. If you can, you may be willing to pay the extra cost. Yet, if you can't afford a natural insecticide that is sold in a store, you have the option of making your own.

The use of synthetic chemical insecticides has long been associated with a variety of chronic health conditions. The advantage of using a natural insecticide is that these conditions rarely occur with their use. When you use a natural insecticide, you can be sure that your produce will be safe to eat. All you need to do is to make sure that you follow instructions. Find out how long to wait after application of the natural insecticide to harvest.

One advantage of a natural insecticide is that they don't use fossil fuels. Many of the chemical varieties do. Also, if you use a natural insecticide that is locally available, you will save on transportation costs. There are countless recipes for people to use to make natural insecticide on their own. You can look on the internet, or in your local library or bookstore for the recipes. These allow you to make inexpensive yet effective natural insecticide for your own use.

If you're looking for a reason to use a natural insecticide, you will find several. Safety of plants and animals, environmental protection, and ease of use are only a few. A natural insecticide is truly a viable alternative to chemicals.

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